Shawls & Wraps


All my triangle shawls and wraps have, whatever the choice of pattern, extra long 'wings' - the triangle is flat, so to speak. This pattern was invented and developed by me, because I find it isn't great if you tie up your shawl or wrap around your shoulders, and it slowly detatches. The shawls of EarthApple Creations tie with a decent knot, and they will stay in place!


Big Hugs - xxxl wraps, as if you are wearing a hug. This is my most sold product, and they really are all different. The Big Hugs can be worn in many different ways: For example, with the point in the middle of your back; skewed with the knot on your shoulder; the point on your front as a mega winter scarf; or with the point at your back, with the 'wings' in front, but tied up on your back.

Hugs - big shawls that fit around your shoulders, or with the point at your front to warm your neck.

Kisses - light-weight shawls, elegant, and offers just slightly more warmth around the shoulders. They can also be worn with the point in your front.