Shawls & Wraps

All our shawls and wraps are given kind names: Hugs, Big Hugs, Kisses, and Embraces. A good shawl should feel exactly like that!

Our triangular shawls have extra long wings (meaning, the tips), regardless of pattern. The triangle is flattened, so to speak. We invented and developed this pattern. It's not ideal if you tie your shawl or wrap it around your shoulders, and it slowly unties itself after a while. But, thanks to this design, the shawls of EarthApple Creations tie into a nice knot, and will stay in place!


Big Hugs 

Our Big Hugs are XXXL wraps, meant to feel like you are wearing a hug. This is our most sold product, and each one is unique. You can wear our Big Hugs in many different ways. For example, you could wear it with the tip of the triangle in the middle of your back, or skewed with the knot on your shoulder. Alternatively, you can place the tip at the front as a huge winter scarf, or with the point at your back, with the wings in front, but tied up on your back.



The Hugs are big shawls that fit around your shoulders, or with the point at your front to warm your neck. Here, you'll find smaller versions of the Big Hugs, but also in completely different patterns and colours. They work well over the shoulders but are also great as a winter shawl with the tip of the triangle in front. Naturally, these have long wings too.



The Kisses are lightweight shawls. They are very elegant and offer just slightly more warmth around the shoulders. Just like our other shawls, the Kisses can also be worn with the point in front. The sizes differ. Some are up really big (but extremely light), while others are smaller, a pretty shoulder-accessory while still light as a feather.