We're working on a collection of Pride products's ever growing, so keep an eye on it :-)


These products are in the same designs (so all our own designs), just like all the other products. The difference between the Pride products and the others on this website, however, is that this is the only product line of which multiple of the same will be made. For example, we will make more than one of the popular black hat with rainbow stripes :)

In the system of the webshop you can only order one of each - if you want more, please get in touch. Or if you want a specific base colour with your flag, a colour that for some reason isn't there at the moment (as a rule we work with black, grey and off-white as base colours).


And finally, very important:

Are you missing a flag? Please send us an e-mail. We will check if we can find your colours in wool: Contact

These you can find here: Rainbow, Asexual, Bisexual, Genderqueer, Lesbian, Nonbinary, Transgender