Just Kind  -  Kind Gifts

Kindness and compassion are both more important to focus on now than ever before in our lifetime. We developed a series of kind gifts, for someone who needs a kind gesture. Maybe that person is you!


Emotional AirBags 

Our Emotional AirBags are small kits meant to soothe people when they need it most. It's a kind gift for the senses. When upset, using different senses can help you find a calm moment. So, the Emotional AirBags have something to smell, something to taste, something to feel, and something to see. The bag itself can be used to contain it all (yes, it all fits in there) or for something else entirely. We have received amazing feedback on this idea.



Our Friends line consists of minimalist, soft, stuffed animals that also function as stress balls. They are designed to be appealing and child-friendly, but also very nice to fidget with. They're machine washable, nice for kids and a lovely gift idea in general.


Kind Cards 

A card with a kind message and a felted tag on a lanyard, in various shapes. The tag can work as a decorative item or be infused with scented oil. You choose your message and the colours of your tag, and we send it to you. Alternatively, you can send this as a gift to someone else. Send us the message you want to be written and we will put that on the back of the card and ship it directly to wherever and whoever you want.



We made little bean-filled bags that, just like our Friends, function as stress balls and fidget toys. They're also great for juggling! You choose how many you want, and in which colour combinations you want them, and you get your set of Bean-Stress-Bags exactly the way you like it.