Heads & Hands

During our very first festival in August a few years back, it was really cold. So cold that we had more and more people coming to our booth, looking for something to keep their ears and hands warm. Since then, we created a variety of items meant to serve that purpose. We now have hats and beanies, since they can be worn as a style item all year round. Our fingerless mittens, as it turns out, are so popular that we keep making them and never seem to have enough. We never make the same hat or pair of mittens twice, making sure they're all unique.



We offer a diverse collection of headwear, such as Nissehuer (Scandinavian long pointed beanies), regular beanies in two colours, baret beanies, pixie beanies, headbands, and more! Wear them to stay warm, for looks, or fun. No matter the purpose, there's something for everyone.



We make and sell a lot of fingerless mittens, with and without a cover for your thumb. They're crocheted or knitted, in one or multiple colours. They prove to be very practical because you don't have to take them off when you need your fingers for a task (using your smartphone, for example). They also add a little extra flair to your outfit. AND they're great for gaming if your hands tend to get cold easily.